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Goldies pop, rock, retro songs, disco... Oldies 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s radio stations.


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Brazil - Radio Retro - listen live - http://www.radioretro.com.br/ - Hits in all styles, retro classic, 70s, 80s, 90s.

Canada - Lynx Radio listen live - http://lynxradionetwork.com/ - The Biggest Hits from Yesterday and Today!

Canada - Radio Skipper - listen live - http://www.radioskipper.com/ - web broadcasting Oldies music 80s 90s.

Canada - Radio Naples - listen live - http://www.radionaples.com/ - Playing the biggest Neapolitan music of ever.

France - Hot Mix radio listen live - http://www.hotmixradio.fr/ - Popular disco 80s oldies hits music channel.

France - KIF radio  - listen live - http://www.kifradio.com/ - Pop Oldies DJs, Funk, Dance, House, Disco music.

Germany Geiseltal radio - listen live - http://www.geiseltal-radio.de/ - Schlager, German Oldies hits online.

Italy Golden radio Italia - listen live - http://www.goldenradio.it/ - Hit Italiane - Oldies hits online.

Russia Auto radio Ru listen live - http://www.avtoradio.ru/ - Popular oldies drive music online, disco 80's...

Spain - Formula Musica listen live  - http://formula10musica.es.tl/ - Oldies 80's & 90's Non-Stop radio online.

USA - Beatles Radio - listen live - http://www.beatlesradio.com/ - The Music of The Beatles and More.

USA - KD Radio CA - listen live - http://www.oldiesmusicradio.com/ - oldies music 50's 60's 70's radio online.

USA - Alltime Oldies - listen live - http://www.alltimeoldies.com/ - music, book theater 50's - 80's channels.

USA - Top Shelf Oldies - listen live - http://topshelfoldies.org/ - Shows: Rarities, HiFi, Time Machine, archives.

USA - Boomer Radio - listen live - http://boomerradio.com/ - Classic oldies hits 60s 70s and 80s radio.





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Recall disco 80's, retro Planet Hits Oldies 70's, songs 50's 60's, Melodic classic rock, Techno 90's, goldies music radio stations, return to the past!
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